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The Importance of FUN

“I need to get to my yoga class.” “I have to get my practice in.” “I can’t miss class this week.” “I haven’t been practicing.”

Negative thought can be present even around a positive event. As humans we can begin to fixate, allowing our busy lives, schedules, family, and friendships to dictate our movements. Sometimes the very desire to have positive movement creates a negative impact on our lives.

When we think about why we love yoga, we think about the mental, the physical, and for many, the spiritual reasons we choose to practice. We create a space on our mat that allows us to be free of distractions, free of stress, conscious thought, and negative emotion. We strive to create a peaceful presence, to be one with ourselves.

When we forget to have fun, we can forget to enjoy. Getting caught up in the demands of practice, or the desire for benefit can remove the gratitude we embody in our practice.

Give yourself permission to have fun. To enjoy the moment. Maybe you fall out of your pose, enjoy it. When the mood to play strikes, welcome it. Play with the movements, laugh at the comedic moments. Remember the joy and gratitude that accompany the basis of practice.

Have fun. Be wild. Be crazy. Be in love with your practice, in a positive glowing light

Wanted to share my playful moment of the day

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