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At Mountain Life Hot Yoga we offer multiple types of yoga that not only strengthen, tone and stretch your muscles, but also quiets the mind and leaves you feeling relaxed and rested, a perfect fit for both the adventure seeker, and movement newbie! Inhale, Exhale, Repeat. 


All classes provide a deep, safe stretch and all levels of ability are welcome. We aim to create a calm and caring environment where you can breathe, connect with yourself, one another and support your life on and off your mat.  Join us at the studio and share your energy with us today.


Our studio uses Far Infrared heaters. Far Infrared heaters (FIR) use a special hybrid metal that operates evenly at 95-100c.  This is at the hottest end of the FIR range in temperature. For the human body, FIR has a healthy ability to be absorbed, transmitted and penetrated.


The air temperature is raised by the objects emitting the energy back… In other words, everything in the path of the FIR heater becomes a heat source; the body, mat, walls, floor, ceiling, by absorbing the heat energy first. Secondly, the air temp reacts to all the energized heat sources now in the room.


This type of heat energy is exactly like how the sun warms our planet with its FIR along with the sunlight. Since the air, itself, does not get hot directly from FIR, it is suitable and tolerable for students, especially those with respiratory issues who find it uncomfortable or even risky to attend a heated yoga class.


FIR will penetrate deeper into the body stimulating all the blood carrying vessels with “warming love”. Additionally, the studio is equipped with an air circulation/filtering system which introduces controlled fresh air into the room reducing the circulation of dirty air and bacteria, and humidifier systems to maintain a beautiful enticing humidity of 50%

Yoga Mat and Straps
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