Class Descriptions 


HOT ~ Warm/ Hot ~ or Warm ~ 50, 65, or 75 minutes:  All Levels & beginner friendly – 50, 65 or 75 minute traditional inspired class, (Moksha style) practiced in a room heated to either 30, 34 or 38 degrees Celsius. This class consistently follows the same series of poses, and is designed to stretch and strengthen your entire body

CORE Flow: Core flow = All levels - Fun Vinyasa style Yoga with an emphasis on building strength and balance. Poses are specific towards core and back strengthening. Build a little fire in your belly this Fall!

Vin/Yin:  This yoga sequence combines Vinyasa and Yin. The Vin portion warms the body up and rids your body of excess Prana, or energy. Then you're ready to relax and lengthen during the Yin portion.

Ashtanga Flow:  Drawing from the Ashtanga Yoga system, this class will focus on breath and movement creating a flow of postures that enhance flexibility and strength. No two classes will be exactly the same but will include sun salutations and the opportunity to try more complex poses. Some experience required. 


Restorative / Yin Yoga: Slow and deep!  Relax while moving deeper into your facsia and major joints.  It’s done in a warm environment using props to help encourage a deeper relaxation.  This is an all levels class.  You will leave feeling ahhhhhmazing!!!

Aromatherapy Yin:

This is a Gentle warm or warm/hot candle lit class with essential oils.  We offer hands on options with light massage to make it a Blissful experience.  Class space is limited to ensure you get the extra love you deserve!    Sign up Online to Hold your space!    


Roll Method roll & release - Specialty Class
This classes instructor is certified in the Roll Method.  Benefits of ball rolling:  You will increase your range of motion, improve posture, reduce tension, reduce stress, relieve pain and stiffness.  The perfect compliment to your yoga practice

Yoga Nidra - Specialty Class

Yoga Nidra is a Simple Way to reduce Stress by promoting deep rest and relaxation. The stages of body scan and breath awareness are practiced to calm the nervous system, leading to less stress and better health. 

Barre Fusion:

This series is designed to build stamina and strength, improve cardiovascular health and get the body sweating while helping to awaken and strengthen underused muscles and encourage whole-body involvement. All you need is your mat and a smile.  

Fun upbeat music, non- heated & no experience necessary

Gentle Flow: 

Fun, gentle and inspiring. Gentle Flow classes are a wonderful way to re-connect to the breath and the body. These classes are slow and accessible to people of all walks of life, if you have a body you are ready to practice!

Breath and Bliss

Combine breath awareness, yoga and meditation and you get = bliss!  Enjoy this special class with trained breathing instructor Kristin Bruce. Sure to make your Sunday Ahhhhhmazing

Traditional 26

Our traditional 90 minute hot yoga class is comprised of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises. Every pose is done twice. It is a sequence developed by Bikram Choudhury using 26 out of the 84 Asana’s from the Ghosh lineage. This is a beginner class and gives students a strong foundation, helping them to achieve maximum therapeutic benefits in their practice. It works every part of the body, inside and out, maintaining optimum health and function.

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